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How to Measure a Lamp Shade?

Drop/Recess is the distance from the top to central point of the fitter.

Normally measure a shade height along the slant, it’s called slant height.

Measurements of Round Shade: Top Diameter x Bottom Diameter x Slant Height

Measurements of Oval and Rectangle Shade: Top Width/Top Length x Bottom Width/Bottom Length x Slant Height

Hexagon & Octagons Lampshade is Measured by Point to Point: Top x Bottom x Slant Height

Tassel Lamp Shade,

Create a custom-made Lamp Shade by choosing a style, size, colour & edge finish for the perfect Lamp Shade for your interior style.

Lamp Shade Style: Could you please describe or provide a reference image of the style you have in mind? For example, drum, empire, bell, rectangular, etc.

Dimensions: What are the desired dimensions of the lamp shade? Please specify the height, top diameter, and bottom diameter.

Material Preference: Do you have a specific material in mind for the lamp shade? Common options include fabric, silk, linen, paper, metal, glass, or any other specific material.

Color and Pattern: What color and pattern would you like for the lamp shade? If you have any specific fabric or color preferences, please let me know.

Additional Features: Do you have any special requirements or additional features, such as trimmings, tassels, pleats, or any other specific design elements?

Quantity: How many custom lamp shades do you require? Please let me know the quantity, as it can affect the pricing.

What materials to choose for a lamp shade?

Lampshades can be made of a wide range of materials, including:

  • Textiles
  • Paper
  • Wood including veneer, oak, bamboo
  • Synthetics including plastic (PS, PVC, PP, PET) and faux leather
  • Feather
  • Faux Fur
  • Willow (wickerwork/rattan)

The most common and popular material is fabric. 

Linen, burlap, jute, hemp, shantung silk, faux silk, real silk, TC and cotton are common used. Other fabrics like canvas, Bavaria, satin,denim, changeable taffeta, velvet, faux suede, faux fur, flannelette, knitted fabric, organza, elastic fabric, peach skin, ribbons and cotton 

Strings are offering wider selection for shades. Designers are prefer to use special and distinct fabrics like Indian saris, ikat and woodblock print etc.  

Actually fabrics choices are endless. Linen has natural looking and also eco friendly which makes it the most popular material used on hardback and softback shades.  Linen  Has the wide selection of colours, density and styles, like cross slubbed linen, pearly linen, two-tone linen etc. Also there is flax, jute hemp, burlap and ramie which are obtained from different natural plant.You all know pure silk is expensive and not suit for all types of shades, then silk like fabric such as shantung silk, faux silk, Prosperous silk are also good choice.

Cotton is wide used material for hotel. You can either choose pure cotton or use T/C (terylene/cotton) and T/R(terylene/rayon). Cotton Normally has many stock colours to choose from, this can avoid to the extra time and money cost on dye colours.

With different treatment on basic fabrics, it will get an variety of special fabrics, like flocked fabric, printed fabric, jacquard, embroidered fabric, appliqued fabric, double-layer fabric, plaid fabric, silver or gold coated fabric and fabric with gold or silver thread.

What are the Different Types of Lamp Shades

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